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What are some of the Best Travel Sites?

Gone the days of looking travel agents in your locality for cheaper air tickets and hotels. In the world of internet, we can browse through various travel sites and avail many kinds of travel discounts. These travel sites also attract various travellers by offering great tour package deals for couples and family.  Listed below are the world’s most reliable and best travel sites.


It is the most famous and most reputed travel website in the world. They work directly with airlines and hotels. This gives them an edge to select from various kinds of flight and hotels. Hotel searches are initially refined on the basis of distance from the airport to the hotels and are arranged in ascending order. With various onsite features like predictive outputs, quick email confirmation of car, hotel or flight booking, orbitz is very user friendly. However, one needs to be careful when booking as Orbitz’s cancellation charges are quite high.

best travel websites


Most of the travelers land on this website when they have to travel somewhere. This is a nice website with so many features. Whenever you want to book flight tickets, there is no better websites which would help you do the same in a convenient manner.


If you are looking for a budget travel site, which would help you save from the efforts of comparing various flight rates and hotel rates, Kayak is the way to go. This website would provide you the cheapest fares so that you can save some bucks.

Bing Travel

This is yet another travel site with a very powerful feature. If you don’t want to book tickets now, don’t worry, the travel predictor if this website would tell you that the prices would be increased in the near future or they would be decreased. Based on your date of travelling, various flight options would be displayed in front of you and along with that, a recommendation message would also appear which would tell you if you should book your tickets now or wait for some time.

Well, when it comes to travelling, booking the flight tickets is not the end. You would need to search for accommodation as well. “Hotels” is a good website where you can find last minute deals on the best hotels. Seasonal offers can also be availed and if you are a regular member of the website, you can even take the benefit of its Welcome Rewards Program.


This is the most popular hotel review website and a lot of travelers trust this website, thanks to its popularity. The quality of the hotels along with their fares would be displayed. Reviews would also appear so that you can know what people felt when they stayed there. Various filters can also be applied to narrow your search results.

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